Wednesday, November 18, 2009

First 2ft of forms filled

David is putting his finishing touches on our first 2 feet of Hemcrete. In order to achieve the optimal performance of this product it is essential that it is installed properly. Obviously the the most important element is the perfect slurry of the hemp shiv, lime mortar and water. The next step is to dump or shovel in approx. 1 ft of the mix into the forms and smooth out like you are spreading cheese onto a pizza. After you have dumped in and smoothed out a foot then the next step is to tamp down the edges of the forms and around the framing to get a nice compaction. This compaction insures that when we remove the forms we have a flat wall with no holes or voids and around the framing it is crucial to get the hemcrete tight around the wood so you keep from any thermal breaks. Now that this step is complete, we will add another row of forms and then repeat.

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