Sunday, November 8, 2009

First ever Hemp house in the U.S

Push Designs (Architectural/Interior design firm based in Asheville) is thrilled to announce that we will begin the installation of Hemcrete in Asheville, NC. The core of Push Designs building principles revolve around a healthy living environment. We attempt to design and build a chemical free, non toxic home for our clients.
This will be the first install of this ground breaking healthy/green building material in the United States. Hemcrete is a building material made from Hemp shiv and lime to create a thermal envelope around the home. Push designs allure to Hemcrete was air quality. Because of the presence of lime in this mixture in continually takes in carbon from the interior of the home in order to get back to it's rock form. Please visit to learn more about the product.We are using Hemcrete as our main living level exterior walls. The walls get framed traditionally with 2 x4 studs, 24" on center, then our partners at Hemcrete and their certified installers will set forms in 2 foot lifts (recycled plastic) around the perimeter of the home. Once the first 2-4 feet have cured overnight, then we can proceed with the next 2-4 feet and so forth. This home for Russ Martin (former mayor of Asheville and his wife Karen Korp) has 10 foot walls on the rear elevation of the home pitching upward to 14 foot walls at the front elevation.
Monday November 9th our team will begin setting our forms around the perimeter of the home. Tuesday midday we are hoping to begin mixing our slurry of hemp and lime and start hand shoveling Hemcrete into our forms. We are estimating that we should be able to get the first 2 feet done on tuesday and complete the entire main floor in 5-6 working days. Once this is complete, then we need to wait approx. 10-14 days (depending on weather) for the Hemcrete to cure and then we can begin applying the lime rendering (stucco) onto the exterior and interior of these walls.
Hemcrete alleviates the need for drywall on the interior of these walls, insulation, 30-40% less lumber, painting on interior or exterior (integral color in lime wash for lime rendering), siding/sheathing,etc)
Please follow our progress throughout the next week on this blog as well as

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