Sunday, November 22, 2009

Interior wall complete, once all of the walls have dried appropriately (approx 10 days), we will then be able to apply our lime rendering or plaster type finish to the interior and exterior walls. The interior wall finish will look very similar to a smooth finish of drywall or plaster, but with integral color so it does not need to be painted.

Nice shot of the 14ft tall, front elevation of the house with the window buckings (2x12) which we will attach our windows too once they get installed

Had to represent a bit!

We are so close to getting the front of the house complete, we had to leave the top few inches exposed due to having to get in and install our double hurricane clips to the top plate because of the home being in a 130 mph wind zone and the fact that we have a 6ft over hang on the front roof line. Without the proper engineering and tie downs , this roof would be a kite!!Now that those are complete we will be able to finish to the top plate and remove all of the forms.

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