Thursday, November 26, 2009

Great shots from wednesday!!

Thankyou WLOS and Karen Wynne

WLOS Channel 13 did a fantastic job covering the Push House. Thanks again!!!
Click on the following link to watch the story.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Media exposure continues

WLOS Channel 13 came by today and did an interview with us regarding the house and it will be airing at 5 or 5:30 on thanksgiving night. Please tune in!! You will be able to view the interview on their website later that evening if you miss it live on under 'top stories'.
We also heard from a major National cable channel that has expressed some interest in a story as well. Once we have finalized the plans on a piece I will let everyone know who, what and where....but either way SO EXCITING!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Interior wall complete, once all of the walls have dried appropriately (approx 10 days), we will then be able to apply our lime rendering or plaster type finish to the interior and exterior walls. The interior wall finish will look very similar to a smooth finish of drywall or plaster, but with integral color so it does not need to be painted.

Nice shot of the 14ft tall, front elevation of the house with the window buckings (2x12) which we will attach our windows too once they get installed

Had to represent a bit!

We are so close to getting the front of the house complete, we had to leave the top few inches exposed due to having to get in and install our double hurricane clips to the top plate because of the home being in a 130 mph wind zone and the fact that we have a 6ft over hang on the front roof line. Without the proper engineering and tie downs , this roof would be a kite!!Now that those are complete we will be able to finish to the top plate and remove all of the forms.

Great exposure!

Thankyou Asheville Citizen Times and John Boyle , he did a great piece on our project this morning and we are all very pleased. Please go to the following link to learn more about hemcrete.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Great day!

We got a tremendous amount accomplished at the house today. We got the entire back wall of the house done up about 4 ft and we started pulling the forms off of the front part of the house. Now that we have some forms off of the exterior and interior walls it is becoming very exciting. It all finally seems real after such a long process to get to this point.
We are starting to see some great interest from locals and people in the building industry. We had 2 different builders, an architect, and developer stop by the site to learn more about Hemcrete and to follow the progress.
Check out an article that is being run by the Asheville Citizen Times on Sunday (business section). This is going to be great for exposure of the product and all parties involved. I will upload new photos tonight.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Quick and overdue thanks!!!

Push Designs would like to personally thank Dave Madera and Greg Flavell from Hemp Technologies for making this project at all possible. From my perspective as the lead designer/project manager and in one charge of the budget for the client I have to say that I have yet to work with a supplier that has been as forthright, honest and fully committed to their product as Dave and Greg are. I look forward to this being the first of "many" projects we work on together in the near future. Thanks again guys!

End of our 3rd working day

Due to crummy weather we have been unable to work consistently the last 5 days but tuesday night we finished "in the dark"on a very positive note. As you can see we have accomplished a great deal in just the last 2 days. We have been able to fill the entire front wall up 14', all the walls of the laundry/mud room (on far left of front elevation shot) and about 15' of the first 2ft of forms on the west side of the house. we lost today due to rain and high winds but are hopeful the weather will cooperate tomorrow and we can get a good deal accomplished.

Thanks Bill!!!

We are very lucky to have Bill Sargent and his talented team (Steve, Bill and Jeremy)on our team. Not only have we learned a great deal from his 20+ years of experience in the building industry but he was able to show us ways to work at much more efficient pace. These wooden forms you see in this image were built by Bill and his team in order to be able to "speed up the process" and keep two steps ahead, which we have found to be priceless.

Example of electrical rough in

This image is of the rough in electrical done by our electrician prior to the hemcrete install. The conduit is run and attached to the framing as it would traditionally although the only difference would be that the electrical boxes need to be set to the "exact" depth of the walls so that when we remove the forms the face of the boxes are exposed so the plate is flush with the wall.

Forms removed from first row

Now that the forms have been removed, we will screw down another 2x12 window bucking to the exposed 2x4 so we have a framework to install our windows too.

First 2ft of forms filled

David is putting his finishing touches on our first 2 feet of Hemcrete. In order to achieve the optimal performance of this product it is essential that it is installed properly. Obviously the the most important element is the perfect slurry of the hemp shiv, lime mortar and water. The next step is to dump or shovel in approx. 1 ft of the mix into the forms and smooth out like you are spreading cheese onto a pizza. After you have dumped in and smoothed out a foot then the next step is to tamp down the edges of the forms and around the framing to get a nice compaction. This compaction insures that when we remove the forms we have a flat wall with no holes or voids and around the framing it is crucial to get the hemcrete tight around the wood so you keep from any thermal breaks. Now that this step is complete, we will add another row of forms and then repeat.

Thank you volunteer's

This is a shot of one of our many volunteer's working tirelessly. Joe is measuring out the exact mixture of lime to dump into our mixer with the our hemp shiv and water to get to the perfect slurry.

Friday, November 13, 2009


The weather finally cooperated and we began setting forms and installing Hemcrete. Thanks to many many volunteers from across the country that assisted us and will continue to offer their time and effort into our project. These are the folks that fight the fight everyday to build awareness to the incredibly positive impact Hemp could have on our lives and our country. So thankyou again, you know who you are.
The following picture is of ALL that were involved on this monumental day for healthy and green building in the US.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Front elevation

Guys are almost done framing the south wall or front elevation of the house.

First ever Hemp house in the U.S

Push Designs (Architectural/Interior design firm based in Asheville) is thrilled to announce that we will begin the installation of Hemcrete in Asheville, NC. The core of Push Designs building principles revolve around a healthy living environment. We attempt to design and build a chemical free, non toxic home for our clients.
This will be the first install of this ground breaking healthy/green building material in the United States. Hemcrete is a building material made from Hemp shiv and lime to create a thermal envelope around the home. Push designs allure to Hemcrete was air quality. Because of the presence of lime in this mixture in continually takes in carbon from the interior of the home in order to get back to it's rock form. Please visit to learn more about the product.We are using Hemcrete as our main living level exterior walls. The walls get framed traditionally with 2 x4 studs, 24" on center, then our partners at Hemcrete and their certified installers will set forms in 2 foot lifts (recycled plastic) around the perimeter of the home. Once the first 2-4 feet have cured overnight, then we can proceed with the next 2-4 feet and so forth. This home for Russ Martin (former mayor of Asheville and his wife Karen Korp) has 10 foot walls on the rear elevation of the home pitching upward to 14 foot walls at the front elevation.
Monday November 9th our team will begin setting our forms around the perimeter of the home. Tuesday midday we are hoping to begin mixing our slurry of hemp and lime and start hand shoveling Hemcrete into our forms. We are estimating that we should be able to get the first 2 feet done on tuesday and complete the entire main floor in 5-6 working days. Once this is complete, then we need to wait approx. 10-14 days (depending on weather) for the Hemcrete to cure and then we can begin applying the lime rendering (stucco) onto the exterior and interior of these walls.
Hemcrete alleviates the need for drywall on the interior of these walls, insulation, 30-40% less lumber, painting on interior or exterior (integral color in lime wash for lime rendering), siding/sheathing,etc)
Please follow our progress throughout the next week on this blog as well as