Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another new product..Gigacrete!

The images you will find below are of the guys (Sargent Construction)installing a new technology for finishing ICF, block, concrete and many other uses.

The only reason I even found this product was because I very dissapointed in the industries selection general for healthy alternatives for foundations and below grade materials that had good thermal properties. Really the only options out there are poured walls, block walls and ICF (insulated concrete forms). Everyone should know by now that I am very reluctant to use any chemically based materials unless there are no other alternatives. ICF construction was the only logical choice for this home because of the high elevations, extreme temperature fluctuations and wind. So once we decide to use ICF (build block) I was on the mission to find a product I could apply to the foam to create a sheel or a barrier just in case there is any outgassing of any matter how minimal. This led me to Gigacrete. Gigacrete is a spray on, roll on, trowel on product that hardens to 5000 PSI and has incredible fire ratings and water resistance .Gigacreteis designed to be environmentally responsible. It emits zero pollutants, and uses less water than similar products currently on the market. Gigacrete contains 35% recycled content (by volume); all gigacreteproducts exceed USEPA and California indoor air quality and VOC standards.If you would like more info regarding the product, you can visit and look for the ICF plastermax base coat.

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