Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Panels starting to go in very smoothly!

It took our guys a day to figure out the system but they have the haqng of it and we are hopeful they will be set by the end of the week. Organization of all 74 panels has been the biggest challenge because of our tight spaces within to work. The stairwell created a bit of a challenge because of the sheer size of the panels it was very difficult to manuever them into place while trying to float them over aq 4 foot hole in the floor. But, from this point forward they should be able to fly through the remaining panels.
The one point we need to all remember is that these panels are being set by two guys and it will end up taking them 5 working days to complete all the interior walls on 2 floors. Now try to imagine the length of time it would have taken the same two guys to traditionally frame all the walls and then to drywall them as well. This system just validated it's worth. This doesnt even take into account the environmental and health benefits of the product either. I beleive this is the new phase and next level of "true" green building.

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