Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"True" Green building history made yesterday!!!

Yet another groundbreaking material installed on the Push House. Purepanel install began yesterday afternoon. Purepanel is 100% post consumer recycled paper structural and non structural walls. The 2 1/8" wall thickness consists of the recycled paper core material then a inner and outer skin of Magnum® Board which is a natural replacement to drywall. The concept is, which you will see in the photos is that you stand the panels up, attach 4" timberlock screws into the roof structure at each corner and then the same into the floor system. At the end of each panel is a 1" groove from top to bottom that we insert a 1" strip of hardwood to act as the tongue for the next panel. These strips are glued into place and the next panel will be slid into place right next to it glued to the tongue on the other panel and then screwed to the floor and roof as well and then this processs is repeated throughout. The only this that needs to be done from this point is for the seams to taped and skim coated just like you would do with drywall, and the finally painted. The electrical channels are already built into the walls. There is a cavity from top to bottom for the electricial to fish wires in and then simply cut out where his boxes are.

This is the very first residential install of this product in North America and thanks to the help of Atlanta Sunbelt (manufacturers of the complete panel) and Purepanel a division of EA International along with Magnum Building Products we were able to take true green building to the next level.

Images follow

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