Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How does Hemp hold up in the weather?

I think it is fairly obvious and quite convincing by looking at the pictures below to anyone that doubted or questioned whether the hemp walls would hold up in the extreme weather prior to being finished with a lime stucco. I have obviously been a strong proponent and believer in the product but I had never seen the product in the elements. Now that I have witnessed the hemp walls be exposed to rain, snow, ice and severe wind for the last 45 days I'm not sure if I have ever see anything quite like it. It has continued to become harder over this time period and there has been no sign whatsoever of any kind of failure. There are not too many places that you could install this product that it would ever be exposed to the types of extreme weather this house has been through. So in my mind and everyone else that has seen the product is amazed at it's strength and resilience.
The blow images are of the driveway leading to the house, the bank directly beside the house than a shot of the west side of the house covered in 1" of solid ice.

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