Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We feel very honored!!

I recieved an email last night from Robin Curtis. Robin is the spearhead of the Purepanel division for EA International (purepanel:100% post consumer recycled paper structural ad non-structural walls) who supplied the core for the interior walls on the Push House. His letter is attached below. Lets just say that I am thoroughly honored and proud of this gesture.

Dear Anthony,
Bernard Vichet and I have shared much of the progress being made with Purepanel, including your project in Asheville. Bernard is very passionate about the environment. His commitment over the years has won him many awards in many countries. To cut a long story short Bernard wants to recognize your commitment by placing your efforts within his next book. You can down load one of Bernard's books from his business web site Bernard has a second addition hot off the press which contains a number of pages on Purepanel. The book is called 8 Actions To Save The Planet. I will send you one or bring you one when you one when I return to the US is early March. You will see the format within the book follows the project through the stages of completion. It is not just a mention of the project it is a record for people to refer to as true green building practices. Your efforts deserve this type of record or paternity as Bernard likes to call it.


  1. Very proud of you! I love seeing the progress of the PushHouse!

  2. Always read stuff that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.............................................