Friday, March 26, 2010


Just 2 days ago we started finishing the Hemcrete with the hydraulic lime rendering. and it is "going on like butter". Very clever statement from Doc Summers from All things solid ,talented local craftsman handling the rendering work for us. After prepping the windows,doors soffit transition and bottom of the wall with mud stop and drip edge(very similar to traditional stucco) they proceeded with applying the 5/8" base coat (brown coat) of the german hydraulic lime rendering. Once this layer goes on and is floated out to get a flat level base then it needs to dry 1 day per millimeter until it sufficiently dried then they go back with a 1 mil finish coat. This finish coat will have an integral color mixed in so that the exterior walls will not need to be painted.
Doc and Tommy have done a wonderful job on this first wall of the Martin/Korp cantilevered deck.

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