Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Master Bath looks great!

The rough plumbing for the master bath is complete and it so exciting to see it come together. This is point of the project that is so exciting to me. You have these visions in your head for months and months of how the space is supposed to look and feel and once you get the tub and the valves in place you can really get a clear picture of what it will look like at the end of the project. So what you are looking at is a picture of the shower and one of the tub. The bathroom design centers around a 5 x 6 open shower that shares the space with the tub, no walls, all open. So essentially while in the shower or soaking in the tub you can look out to the north and east mountains and at 3550 ft elevation, the views are spectacular. The other image is of the wall where the vanity and sinks will be. The vanity will consist of a 8 foot floating slab of reclaimed black walnut with 2 uber modern vessel sinks and Hudson Reed wall mounted vessel fillers.

The final 2 images are of the standing pebbles that will be on the wall where the shower valves and head are and this wall will be 5ft wide by 11 feet tall. The pebbles will be black, not natural like the attached image. This will certainly make a statement.The other image is of the tile we will be using for the floor and for the walls surrounding the tub and shower. On the wall where the sinks and slab will be we are currently searching for the perfect fabric that will work well with the tile, slab and pebbles. We will hang the fabric on the walls as if it were wallpaper. I love to hang fabric on walls, not only are there 1000's of choices to get the perfect fit but it also adds a bit of needed texture to any given space that really looks amazing if it is well executed.


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