Monday, March 29, 2010

Never underestimate the strength and beauty of recycled paper and it's many uses!!

First shot you will see is of a panel after an initial clear coat and has had it's ends 45'd and cut down in order to properly join other panels with only glue (no screws or nails). The next shot is of one panel that has been run through the biscuit joiner. This just proves that anything that is built using plywood or mdf as the core can effectively be transitioned into a more eco minded solution.

Secondly,We freaked a few people out today when I proposed we do an in house test of the strength of the PurePanel.We really freaked them out when they witnessed the results. I am a true believer in the product but I was even blown away with what we saw today. Basically what you are going to see is one shot of me standing on a 4' long x 3" wide x 1 1/2" thick piece of purepanel (recycled paper that has 1/4" plywood skinned to either side, there is absolutely no deflection and I weigh 190 lbs. The next image is of me and one of square pegs guys standing on the same piece (roughly 400lbs, 1/8" deflection. The last image is of me standing on a 1" thick piece of purepanel and all it is skinned with is plastibacker (paper backing that goes on prior to laminate 1/16" thick). This is the exact use of materials that we are building the furniture out of except instead of plastibacker we are using a zebrawood veneer. So for any of you that questioned whether PurePanel is going to be strong enough, take a look for yourself. we are estimating that the nightstand we are making will weigh less than 810lbs and easily be able to support any amount of weight that would ever be required. Pretty amazing!!

Below you will see the conceptual design of the furniture we are making. Very minimal design yet very stylish and functional.


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