Monday, March 29, 2010

Plywood Ceiling looks amazing!

I have to first of all thank Andrew Schultz, his father and Lance for making the vision I had for the ceiling come to fruition. Andrew started planning and taking his measurement friday afternoon late and started his install this morning first thing. I wasn't able to get the site until 3pm today to see what had been accomplished today and I was floored when I walked in was perfect. We are using 1/2" cabinet grade plywood and spacing them 1/4" from each other. In the 1/4" space between each panel Andrew has put in solid wood blocking and painted them black to hide the insulation and roof framing.
Today didn't go by without some type of drama. When our insulation contractor (Home Energy Partners) came by today to inspect work performed last week he started asking questions regarding what we were doing with the plywood. After he found out that we were using 1/2" plywood he began to get concerned that we would not pass inspection due to a flame spread building code. After putting the brakes on Andrew and his crew I proceed to make some calls and then visit the building department with a possible solution (flame retardant paint additive that can be added to a clear coat finish). The inspectors are reviewing the data I gave them and will let me know in the morning whether they will accept it. If they don't accept it, then we have 2 options, 1) remove the plywood and paint the icynene insulation with a flame retardant, 2) add an additional layer of plywood to exceed the 5/*" requirement. Either way it is an expensive proposition an I take full responsibility for this mistake. Fortunately I can use this as a learning experience and continue my education on the job.
On a positive note, look how great it looks.


  1. very nice. what was the outcome in the end? i love plywood and its versatility. i will certainly be using plenty of ply and form ply in my future projects.

  2. What method was used to attach the plywood sheets?
    There doesn't appear to be any exposed hardware.
    And yes, what was the outcome with the flame spread code / inspection concerns?

    1. Hi, did you get your answer? I have the same question...

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