Thursday, April 1, 2010

Say goodbye to drywall and hello Magnum Board

Thanks to Magnum Building Products we are able to get away from being forced to use "nasty"drywall. Magnum Board or MGO board for short is a natural replacement to drywall. Magnum board is a mineral based sheet product that is impervious to fire, water, insects, does not feed mold or mildew, is non toxic, non flammable and non combustible.Magnum Board is what is used in conjunction with Purepanel to increase the strength and the stability of the paper core. This product can be used as a drywall replacement, a cement board replacement which allows you to tile directly too it. It is also used as an exterior cladding in replace of siding, shingles, plywood, etc because of its weather resistance. One of the many beauties of this product is it's ease of painting. It is already virtually a level 5 drywall finish (smooth of a finish that can possibly be achieved) so all thats need is tape, mud for joints and paint, no primer needed.
Finally a non toxic alternative to drywall!!! It will also reduce your home owners insurance due to to it's inability to burn.


  1. what's the cost comparisson to drywall on a per-sheet basis?

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