Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Master Bathroom

I think with out a doubt the master bathroom is going to be my favorite space in the Push House. So much light, so much texture in combination with breathtaking mountain views, it will become a sanctuary for the homeowners. All things Solid once again has impressed us with their tile work (below). They have carried out the vision for the space perfectly, thankyou All Things Solid.

I am currently putting together the finished for the vanity wall as we speak and I am thrilled with what I am putting together. The black walnut slab countertop (below)that Square Peg is doing for us has turned out to be more beautiful than I expected. This counter will have some type of incredible wallcovering as a background. Right now I am attempting to find the "perfect" fabric to hang on the wall but I am at a road block and have been unable to find what I am looking for. My safety net is wallpaper. Luckily there are some incredible new modern wall coverings that are on the market and I have alot to choose form but either way it is a very difficult and time consuming proposition to make sure that it is perfect and I don't settle just to get the job done.

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