Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Discovery Channel News Online article just posted


Great compliment!!!!


  1. Such fantastic work. Now how to modularize components for quick, low-cost construction. Also, what are the long term effects of humidity and mold potential on the recycled paper in the walls? For instance, we learned the hard way that cool-tubes buried in the earth for passive cooling were creating growth chambers for mold and had to be abandoned. Still, it's better to build and learn than to continue the wasteful practices of standard construction and hvac overkill our building codes promote.

  2. We already have the modular system developed and we are refining that as we speak so we can present this system globally.
    No concern of humidity, moisture or mold with the purepanel walls because the entire wall system from inside out and vice versa is breathable. Of course where there is breathability there is no risk of these issues. Also the actual paper core has an organic additive embedded that provides the incredible strength but more importantly the resistance to de-lamination if it were to get wet. We have done in house testing where we soaked a piece of the core in a bucket of 5 gallons of water for 3 days and then removed it and let it dry out naturally. Not only did it not de-laminate or lose any of it's structure or strength but it did not show ANY signs of mold or mildew. It is really counter intuitive but amazing non the less.Look forward to hearing from you again.