Wednesday, May 19, 2010

more Purepanel™ furniture images

Purepanel™ Furniture a truly green furniture solution

David Humphrey and Mark Akers at Square Peg finished up the furniture early this week and they have exceeded all expectations. We believe we have uncovered the future of furniture, especially furniture made with the environment as a focus. The furniture industry is traditionally considered one of the worst industries for the environment on the planet. Extreme use of wood from non renewable resources, carbon footprint due to the large majority being manufactured on the other side of the earth and most important in my mind, the toxicity of typical furniture because of the use of nasty glues, adhesives and finishing materials. I honestly think we have created the solution.

I have been waiting so long for this day!

Purepanel doors finally getting installed. Those of you that don't know as if I haven't referenced Pure Panel 100x in the blog. Pure Panel is 100% post consumer recycled paper core material that is used in this application as the core of the doors you see here. The doors are 1 1/2" thick and as you can see is extremely light (approx 1/4 the weight of a typical door) and much stronger. They turned out beautiful thanks to Square Peg once again. As far as I know this is the first application of Pure Panel as custom doors in North America. Pretty exciting!!!

Steel rails going in and I couldn't be more excited

David Earl Tomlinson , owner of Dynamic Metalworks started the install of our steel rail system today. I have thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with David over the last few months. David has an extremely creative mind and is one of those guys that I could literally give him my vision with the spoken word and then let him interpret my vision and in turn he would achieve and exceed any expectations. Very talented guy !

Thankyou David the rails look better than I expected and my expectations were very high.

LOOK at this trim...I'm so happy!

Once again and again, thankyou Square Peg for the amazingly detail finish work on the window trim. As a few people that have visited the house have said "this is the way that trim is supposed to be installed". This is why they are considered the premier trim and cabinet guys in the area.Wait til you see the doors they installed today, that post is coming up later, you are not gonna believe it.

Just what I was looking for

Thanks to Bill Sargent and his versatile skills he was able to accomplish the "exact" finish I wanted on the fireplace. The wood burning fireplace is a perfect example of function over form. This is a very high efficiency stove that will heat the entire upper level of the home. We were unable to find a unit that was aesthetically perfect for that space that was not priced unreasonably and that fit the function so we went with Buck Stove (local fireplace retailer). In order to combat the traditional nature of the unit we had to make sure that the surround was clean, simple and bit more modern in nature. I think it works very well and I am pleased with the way it turned out.

Master Bath looks AMAZING!

We are so close to finishing the tile in the master bath and we would be but the trusty designer didn't do a correct takeoff and came up 2 tiles short.Luckily another one of my clients used the same tile and we have extra so it's not a big deal. So hopefully tomorrow we can be done with the extensive tile work if I can in fact come up with the other two tiles.
In addition to the tile we have "beautiful" wallcovering going in tonight on the vanity wall and I can't wait for everyone to see it. It should be stunning!!Then on friday the black walnut slab counter will be installed along with the vessel sinks.
We did have the main shower valve installed today and looks really sexy!

kitchen/laundry/pantry cabinets look great

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So excited about this design feature

I tend to Push (pardon the pun) my clients to consider things that might otherwise seem ridiculous but sometimes we can pull it off. In this case, we pulled it off. From the outset of the development of the design of the home I wanted to incorporate a water feature into the landscape and outdoor living spaces of the house. As you all know I always defer to reclaimed or salvage materials first. In this case I have been trying to conceptualize how I could blend the upper space or front entry and the lower outdoor living space under the sitting room together so there was some cohesion. Subsequently we needed 2 large retaining walls just to the right of the front entry bridge to hold back fill from the front of the house. So I had Sargent Construction build a 4ft x 15ft long retaining wall out of leftover ICF blocks from the foundation as one retaining, then for the big one I found out that Southern Concrete here in Asheville uses left over concrete to make very large 3'x6'concrete blocks for various reasons and they are only $35. So I had then deliver 8 blocks and they stacked them on top of one another. The smallest of the 2 walls is about 9ft below the top of the other, so to create some harmony between the two and develop this illusive water feature we took the next step to design a 2 tiered steel feature. I bought 2 reclaimed steel I-beams, turned them on their side and they will act as the pool/waterfall into a larger beam that will be the basin.The longest beam runs under the entry bridge and cantileavers out over the other beam from 8ft above and will dump water into the lower beam that will recycle the water back up top for what I think has turned out to be amazing. I try to pride myself on being creatively resourceful and in this instance I am pleased with my persistence or stubbornness it took to pull this off without driving everyone on the job crazy, most importantly my gracious clients.

Ash Flooring down

Flooring is complete on the main floor! We had some ash trees milled that we took down from the property and put them down in the sitting room, dining room, kitchen, powder room and office on the main floor and it turned out beautifully.The hardwoods will get finished with Earth Paint wood finish (local Asheville company). The clear we will use is a zero VOC locally harvested water based finish.

Master Bathroom

I think with out a doubt the master bathroom is going to be my favorite space in the Push House. So much light, so much texture in combination with breathtaking mountain views, it will become a sanctuary for the homeowners. All things Solid once again has impressed us with their tile work (below). They have carried out the vision for the space perfectly, thankyou All Things Solid.

I am currently putting together the finished for the vanity wall as we speak and I am thrilled with what I am putting together. The black walnut slab countertop (below)that Square Peg is doing for us has turned out to be more beautiful than I expected. This counter will have some type of incredible wallcovering as a background. Right now I am attempting to find the "perfect" fabric to hang on the wall but I am at a road block and have been unable to find what I am looking for. My safety net is wallpaper. Luckily there are some incredible new modern wall coverings that are on the market and I have alot to choose form but either way it is a very difficult and time consuming proposition to make sure that it is perfect and I don't settle just to get the job done.